Nuit Blanche Paris 2007

The Nuit Blanche in Paris, is a night where a lot of artists expose their work during the night in the city.
Its a pretty cool and fun thing to do in october. They do it every year, sometimes the weather helps, sometimes it won’t.
This year’s Nuit Blanche will be the 6 october.
The city of Paris made a website showing all the things we can see here (this website is in french unfortunately).
This year’s Nuit Blanche will be organised somewhere near the Metro 14 wich is the first (and only for the moment) metro that has no driver and its completely automatic in Paris.

A good advice is to visit in bike or motorbike. Usually we are told there will be trains all night and the train company sudenly decides to ‘close’ all train stations at 1am leaving you until 6 am with no train…Do not use your car either, traffic jams are huge and you won’t be able to park anywhere.

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