Midnight Poison

Midnight Poison is the name of the new perfume by Dior, its being released these days.

Eva green was hired to make the ads of Dior for this product.

The videos are really well done and the website too

You can also watch this youtube video that goes around

Something i like about luxury brands is the way they make ads…they are so well done in every little detail…and products are great too, another good example is this other video from chanel i like pretty much.

Vacations are over

After some good vacations i think its time to work again :)

I should add a lot of things that have happened during these days…

Maybe i should start talking about the new ipod and the price of the new iPhone.

As we all know, the iPhone was released a couple of months ago at a price of 600 dollars and well a couple of days ago Steve jobs cut off the price by 200 dollars…thats 400 dollars for an 8 gigs iPhone…nearly as much as the brand new 16 gigs Ipod touch…people who bought the iPhone was not happy with this and steve…wrote an open letter announcing that they will get 100 dollars in credit to buy stuff.

Now…the iPod touch is the little brother of the iPhone and the little nephew of the old Ipod classic…its small sexy and it makes him look bad.

It comes with all the nifty interface from the iPhone and wifi but no camera, still no possibility to change the battery on your own, no google maps, and no cellphone…

The ipod classic now has a bigger hard drive, the ipod nano can show videos now and the ipod shuffle has new colours…

Here’s a little video from apple showing the ipod touch.

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