Mona Lisa in MS Paint

I always thought MS Paint was not really useful, that it was obsolete, and with little options compared to other programs…but there is some people who can actually use it in some amazing way like this guy, he don’t even need photoshop to do the Mona Lisa.

New Sony Bravia tv ads

We all remember the old sony bravia ads that made people talk some time ago, they were pretty well done and they spent lots of money on them.
Now there are two new ads for this.

The first one was pretty much anticipated because bloggers in New York posted teasers in the net since the month of august.

The second one, well i had no idea there was a second one until today maybe because i dont know many egiptian blogs..

For those who missed the old ads here they are:

For more information on how they were made visit the sony bravia site, there are some videos that are interesting

Flash animations

I have been trying to do some flash animations for college lately…and i’ve been taking a look at what good artists do.

I know this animation is a bit old but i think its really funny and people should see it. The artist is Bernard Derriman, and you can find more of his work here. I’d really love to do animations like this one day :)

This video was made in flash, with the help of a wacom intuos tablet.