Im glad to announce that some of my work was chosen for the expo at the ECV Paris from March 27 to March 30 2008 at the JPO. I will post pictures and more information soon.
I am also working on a new section where i will be showing my work on the website.

PS: Im so happy! ^^

Videos sent by friends

Some friends sent me a couple of videos im posting today:

The fist one was sent by Stephane, the song is pretty good :)

the band is Naive New Beaters and the song is from the LIVE GOOD EP (self-produced/distributed by discograph) shot by Léo Le bug, SPAM™ and Clément Gallet

The second video was sent by Laura its a great example of typography. The band is called Hocus Pocus

You can continue to send videos you find interesting to “

    kiedis at kiedis.fr

So-Me more great videos

Today i was searching something on the net when i found the video for this song. I knew the song but i didn’t know the video. I liked it pretty much

This video was directed by Jonas & François (75 prod) and the artwork was done by So-Me (the myspace has a lot of pictures from their work). Their art is a lot like Gremsakasupermicro (i should talk about his art one of these days)

Some people compared their work to this basement jaxx video, i think justice’s video is better…

These other videos below are interesting also, i like what these graphic artists did, enjoy.

Misunderstood songs

Berlitz did it again, they made a new viral marketing campaign for their english language school . Wish i knew wich advertising agency it was, i couldn’t find its name…

For those who don’t remember or havent seen this ad they did before, its right here…

Anyways i like pretty much this new campaign, its very amusing and creative, plus i like the way they used typography and images on this, to fully understand these videos you should have a decent level of english :)

There are several videos im adding them below, enjoy :D

and for the spanish there is the english version of ‘la bamba’

via pixel y dixel