Björk’s new mind blowing video

I just came across the new video of Björk, its called “Wanderlust”, and i have to say its been a while since i saw such a beautiful amazing video.
The art in the video is so amazing. There is so much imagination on it i really love it :)
It was directed by isaiah saxon & sean hellfritsch.
Björk Wanderlust video

There was a party to release this video and you can see the pictures here

As there are two versions of the video (the 2D and the 3D version) i encourage you to buy the album with the video to experience the 3D version, The song is excellent so you wont regret it, if you want to buy you can go here and preorder now the very special edition of the single that comes with a 12″ vinil, a cd and a dvd with the video and the 3D glasses to watch it!.

The new york times posted a video with an interview with the directors here

If you want to watch the video with good quality you can go here (i recommend this, but its a bit slow) and the low quality one is here

Enjoy :)

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