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i’ve been upgrading a bit this website…adding some new cool features i hope you will like and i’ve been working on our new sister website that will be online in few more days :)

iphone 3g

So as i said in my last post…some time ago i got an iphone and yes its awesome.
I got it because my old phone was half dead, my mobile phone company was bought by orange and kicked out all their clients and my mp3 player was dead also :|
So i decided to get a new phone with a good mp3 player on it at the same time and a new mobile phone provider, i had to work during the summer to pay myself this new phone but im happy with it.

So far i didn’t have have any problems with it and picture quality is ok, gps work fine….battery life is a bit short if you are using the 3g plus the wifi plus the gps and watching lots of video at the same time… but it’s enough for what i usually do and when i don’t need wifi or 3G i desactivate it and it works fine…i actually managed to do a 20 hour flight with it and it didn’t die on me…ok i didn’t use it all the flight because i slept but i did watch some videos, and hear music for a long time… ok it was on flight mode most of the time but i really don’t think having it on outside from your country is a good idea…i had a nice bill when i got back home (and i only used it twice on the net! while in another country!) so people don’t use data when outside your country…

Conclusion: The best thing of that phone i think are applications you can add…there are some freaky ones like rj2d and some nice things like fring, facebook and some others…i really don’t know why there is so many people talking nonsense about this phone when it works just fine…maybe it’s because they don’t have one.

I know this sounds like an ad but i can’t help it…when i compare this to my old htc 9100 crappy phone its another thing…windows mobile really suck :|

google phone looks pretty interesting but i think it lacks few things….maybe next versions will be better!

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