How can you know if the place where you live is safe enough?

That is the question Mariano Pasik had when he started this experiment.
He came up with a very original test: put a hidden camera and leave a bike somewhere in the street and see how long it take the bike to dissapear. If the bike is still there after one hour then that place is good if not, its too dangerous to be there.

Maybe you wonder why he do this, its really simple…he want to be able to park his bike, buy his bread and get his bike again to go home…may look simple but Buenos Aires is far from a safe city at the moment and people just miss those things…anyway enjoy the video :)

This campaign was made by the agency: Liebre Amotinada (in Argentina) and it worked so well that Spain and Germany have done the test also :)

You can visit this website for more

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