Can you guess what are these ads for?

There are two new ads that can go well in the funny/weird category..if you can guess what product it is for without reading any titles, then you are pretty good, i’ll post the answers at the end of the post.
I really don’t know what they smoke :)

For the first one:

Thanks Paula for sending this one

For the second:

ok for the answers:

for the first one its an ad for the game de blob, yes i know…there is nothing about that game on that video but the guy dances really well…

I dont know who did this but i do have a trailer for the game here

and for the second one
Its for Diesel by FarFar Stockholm
Sound: Legs

yes i dont know what they do all the creative people who work for diesel these days…they do watch a lot of porn for sure

via: attack of the xiongmao and BestAdsOnTV

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