Augmented Reality meets Advertising

I think i never spoke about augmented reality on this blog.
Its not something new, but more and more people talk about it these days…
How does it work, imagine you are in some place anywhere…now imagine you can combine virtual things to the real world in real time.

If you are online, have a webcam and a printer then you are ready to do some basic augmented reality. You just need to print something like this and then go to some website like this one and show your webcam the printed paper. Yes today it’s that easy and everyone with those things can do it.

Advertisers always try to find new ways to target people, and they are aware of AR so they now use them to make ads, how?

take a look at this :)

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

this one is very simple but you can do more complex things

via: adgabber

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