Apple store in Paris updates

As you can read here, the Apple is starting to build an Apple Store in Paris.

Well i was curious to see what happened after i did that post a couple of weeks ago, so i came back to that place to check what happened after the old shop moved out.

As you can see everything is well covered with some christmas decoration, i wonder what they will put when holidays are over, maybe an Apple sign? Still no sign sorry…but the shop is right in the middle of the gallery.


The shop will be probably quite big as you can see…it will be probably quite expensive for apple.

So you probably wonder what happened inside. Doors were closed and i couldn’t get in (i didn’t even tried), but i could see from the outside some of the works they did.

In my oppinion they are working pretty fast, there are no more things on the walls, no more floor…and all that in less than a week and half seems to me like it might open soon enough.


this is what anyone can see from the outside when they pass by…

as for the old shop that was there, it’s been relocated not so far from there…and its true christmas eve is quite a bad moment to move out, but they are open again and working pretty well.


I’ll try to bring more news on this soon enough, in the meantime you can always check this website for other things :)

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