Amazing Fanmade Thundercat’s trailer

When i first watched this video i didn’t know it was fanmade….and i thougth it was pretty well done…then i realized there were actors like Brad Pitt as Leon-O, Vin Diesel as Pantro, Hugh Jackman as Tigro…

It was edited, frame by frame in photoshop, then finished in after effects… this is a work that takes lots and lots of time…i really think the result is amazing!! :D

The creator of this video is WormyT as you can read in his youtube account: He is an “Animator illustrator who loves movies. I’m presently working as an artist in a videogame company” from US
He has some more videos in his youtube account, that are not bad at all!

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Holger Pooten’s portfolio

I just saw this amazing portfolio, i wanted to share with you all
His name is Holger Pooten and he has worked for big companies like nike, vogue, orange, adidas and many others.
His pictures are just amazinly beautiful, he likes to play with gravity :)

Im posting few of his pictures below, but you can take a look at his portfolio here


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