What happens when LG tries to copy Bravia?

I guess most people who watch some tv remember the Bravia ads wich costed lots of money and the result was spectacular.

LG thinks its a good way to advertise something…this time its a washing machine and they hired BBH London for this ad…before i go on, watch the ad.

Now…what i think of this after seeing it is..why the hell do we have steam instead of foam?? wouldn’t it be funnier to make an ad with foam instead of steam?? oh! wait!! sony did it already! ups! plus steam is a lot easier to clean right?

ok this machine uses steam…i don’t know how it works but honestly, it is not something you expect to see when you sell a washing machine in an ad…unless you explain more…because i may be dumb but i didn’t read the “steam washing machine” easily enough…the message goes way too fast at the end to understand that this machine works diferently than the others…maybe another layout, another colour or something to catch the eye more than that would have helped…

i would see more that kind of ad for a washing machine…i don’t know…but the steam…it don’t make me think of a washing machine sorry…it makes me think of something cold…like a freezer or something…maybe it was not the right product for the ad…i dont know…

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