The Deep Dive Syndrom

Leaphar has made this great shortfilm called “The deep dive syndrom” or “Le syndrome du scaphandrier” in french.
The story was inspired by Serge Brussolo’s book
As the author says: “Every night he goes deep into his dreams to pick up strange items seeked by greedy collectors. If in the real world, he’s a casual state worker working for a faceless administration, in his dreams, he lives an exciting and dangerous burglar life making more risky robering each time. Psychologists tell him that this parallele universe does not exist, that his accomplice, those gangsters, and fatal womens from the deep, are only the product of his imagination.
But how can he be sure of that ? What if we could emigrate, pass the frontier of reality to get refuge in the free area of dreams ?”

Music is very well chosen and the graphics are good also :)

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