Cartoon Network’s new visual identity

I love cartoon network, they have some great shows…i know i may be old for this kind of things but what the hell! i still like cartoons!
I grew up watching this channel and i used to like the old logo, but the new one is not bad either lets say its a bit more modern than the old one.

Capacity was chosen to do the new visual identity and as they say in their website “Cartoon Network’s brand identity is inseparable from the identities of the countless interesting and lovable characters which inhabit the CN airwaves. The characters themselves are the brand and their collective power makes Cartoon Network what it is. With this redesign, the team at CN wanted to create an undeniably strong connection between the network and its content. Using one unifying body shape (designed by urban vinyl legends Kidrobot) Capacity collaborated with CN’s creative team to develop an interchangeable system of elements that gathered all of CN’s characters into one place. The blank figures, called Noods, are the canvases upon which characters of all shapes, sizes and styles can coexist. The CN logo is also an extension of this vocabulary as the colors and patterns from the characters – their DNA – find their way onto the network’s blocky logotype for the first time. The resulting world is a playground of rich colors and unlimited combinations, ownable only by Cartoon Network.”

The logo still has some things from the old logo but it was always black and white. The agency added colour and recreated some cartoons heros in their way. I like what they did.

via: will it brand

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