The juiced carrots

Today im posting a very weird stop motion video called ‘the juiced carrots’ posted by Carrotkid in vimeo, 3 days ago… unfortunately i didn’t have much information on him other than his name is Paul Whittington and as he says “I am a filmmaker who mainly creates short films, stop-motion animation, and a little time-lapse photography. I also screenwrite as well.”
He has a website with more information on his work here and as you can see there he has won several awards

The Juiced Carrots from Carrotkid on Vimeo.

another of his experimental videos in the same style here below: the carved pumpkin

The Carved Pumpkin from Carrotkid on Vimeo.

and the baked apple

The Baked Apple from Carrotkid on Vimeo.

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