Groovy eyebrows!

Cadbury is doing it again, they are bringing us another great ad for their “Glass and a Half Full Productions” series.
We already posted the gorilla ad from the same campaign here a while ago.

This time we have a couple of kids dancing in a very particular way. The ad was made by Fallon London

I bet they got inspired by this :)

ok in the same cadbury series there are other great ads

here’s one more with some great music

note all of the ads have the same cadbury colors somewhere even if the name of the brand is not told in a very explicit way.

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Happy birthday Mac! ;)

25 years ago (January 1984) young Steve Jobs, introduced the first Apple Macintosh, in front of 3000 people. Steve stayed during all these years in the company and now he is on a sick leave until june. I hope he get better soon.

As you can see they already had some great fonts in that computer.
Happy birthday mac :)


Obama’s 1474 megapixel photo

David Bergman, has an amazing portfolio, wich includes rockstars, presidents and lots of important events like the Barrack Obama ceremony, where he did a 1474 (yes! that’s right!) 1474 megapixels picture! he explains everything here but basically he used a technology called Gigapan, and 220 Canon G10 images and the file is 59,783 X 24,658 pixels and 2 gigabite size.

you can spend a while searching for every single detail in the pictures below :)

The CNN also did something with people’s pictures of this ceremony using a technology called Photosynth from microsoft they are putting together a 3-D model of that moment, pretty interesting also. Check it here.

via: arturo goga and pixel y dixel