Microsoft cheezy ads

These are probably the worst ads i’ve seen for a BIG company in a while…when i first saw this i thought it was a fake…i mean…it can’t be possible…but it do these guys get even paid for that?
Microsoft is always trying to get people to think they are better than linux or mac….but with ads like these i just feel like running away from their products…

quoting their website:
“Q. This video is really cheezy. Did you mean for this to be funny, or have you watched so many late-night public service announcements that you take yourselves really seriously?

A. We’re going for over-the-top comic irony. We don’t guarantee that Songsmith will actually have your entire home singing in rhyme.”

Honestly is it me or it is NOT funny?

By the way, don’t forget to check out the girl’s computer in the ad…looks to me like a macbook pro covered with some ugly stickers. I really like the part when the guy goes to the office and start singing to his boss…in real life he should be probably fired ^_^

If this was not horrible enough…well this is what a radiohead song would be like with a program like this…

Now my ears are officially bleeding… T_T

you can download the thing here

via: funzz

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