U2’s new single – Get on your boots

U2 is comming back! On march 3 they will release the album “No Line on the Horizon”.
The band just released a new single and video (made by director Malachy Mcanenny) wich is pretty well done, reminds me a bit of all those old videos but with a little glamour touch. Good art direction, The scenarios on the video are pretty cool and the song is nice.

Unfortunately their label Universal won’t let people embed the video on their blogs so you will have to watch it here (sorry!)

I know i could have linked and embed any other file in youtube with the same video (in better quality – because the label didn’t even bother to upload the high quality version) but i only linked the official video uploaded by the Universal because i don’t want any mess with them.

I hope labels will learn one day that blogs are a wonderful way of “free” advertising and bloggers are not there to steal them something or ruin artists.

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