Cigarette is dead – kinetic typography

Adam Espinoza a Motion Graphics Designer Art Director and Christophe Eagleton Sound Designer from the agency FL2 made this really nice kinetic typography video about the cigarrete and how the world has changed and banned it these years. They also made a website for this campaign at

Im actually happy this is happening. I don’t smoke and well as a non smoker i used to hate getting into some places like ‘bar tabacs’ in france…where you could buy things like stamps (yes, you better go there rather than the french post office)…anyway…the smoke was so heavy it would be awful (it was full of people smoking at the time)…now you can finally get in and buy things without being intoxicated….same goes for discotheques…i used to have my hair impregnated with the smoke….now i can go dancing and i don’t get that smoke in my hair and clothes ^_^

The Cigarette Is Dead from FL2 Interactive on Vimeo.

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