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Mommy this video hurt my eyes!!

Ever tried to read a video with bad encoding quality? the image would froze and pixelate…until it refreshes again.

Chairlift and director Ray Tintori thought it would be nice to use this effect on their song “Evident Utensil”. The band also did an ipod ad with their other song called “Bruises”.

This video is interesting but it make my eyes bleed…so here it is, enjoy!

you can check the video in even better quality here. The band also has a myspace here

via: ypsilon2

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One thought on “Mommy this video hurt my eyes!!

  1. […] song Welcome to heartbreak. When i first saw this video i was struck by how similar it looks like Chairlift video i presented a few days ago. I don’t know if it is a coincidence or if they copied each other (maybe they […]

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