Pomegranate the ultimate phone?

The Pomegranate NS08 Phone was announced a few days ago…its a pretty cool phone that do things that most phones do like video, mail, gps navigation, browser, phone, mp3 player, and that’s not all! they also added the possibility to have a projector for your presentations, and it makes coffee!! yes! that’s right! its the first phone that will do your coffee…and it also comes with global translator a shaver and an harmonica!

I bet you start smelling the scam right? There is a little video here to show the phone a bit more

You can visit their website here

ok this phone don’t exist but guess who’s behind this viral marketing (pretty well done in my oppinion)

Don’t have a clue? click on the ‘release date’ button on their page.

This campaign advertise the Province of Nova Scotia, it was produced by Nova Scotia Come to life as a place-branding initiative. This campaign works very well, they just announced that they had over 560,000 visits from 193 countries!

Thanks Jack helping me correct the info on this one ;)

via: Gizmodo

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