Type Directors Club 54 in Paris

If you happen to be in Paris right now, and you love typography, you can’t miss the 54th edition of the Type Directors club.
I can’t post the images of the expo because i don’t have the right to post them here, but i have been there today and i can tell you its worth a visit.
You can see all images in the Typography 29 (i did a post on this one some time ago). There are a lot more things to watch than the last year and its a great source of inspiration for all the creative people.

The expo is held like every year at the ECV schools in France. Its free to enter and it will be done in different locations, dates follow:

ECV Paris
23- 28 february
ECV Aquitaine
15-20 May
ECV Provence
20-26 March
ECV Atlantique
6-13 March

For more info on how to get there visit their website

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