The cuttest phone of the block

Yes i know, two posts about phones… no i don’t lack of imagination, its just fate…i just had to post this! its the cuttest advertising for a phone i’ve seen so far
check out the Samsung S8300 site here

there is not a lot of info on the phone on the ad other than the screen…(all phones have screens so why would this one be different?) anyway i like this ad!

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Pomegranate the ultimate phone?

The Pomegranate NS08 Phone was announced a few days ago…its a pretty cool phone that do things that most phones do like video, mail, gps navigation, browser, phone, mp3 player, and that’s not all! they also added the possibility to have a projector for your presentations, and it makes coffee!! yes! that’s right! its the first phone that will do your coffee…and it also comes with global translator a shaver and an harmonica!

I bet you start smelling the scam right? There is a little video here to show the phone a bit more

You can visit their website here

ok this phone don’t exist but guess who’s behind this viral marketing (pretty well done in my oppinion)

Don’t have a clue? click on the ‘release date’ button on their page.

This campaign advertise the Province of Nova Scotia, it was produced by Nova Scotia Come to life as a place-branding initiative. This campaign works very well, they just announced that they had over 560,000 visits from 193 countries!

Thanks Jack helping me correct the info on this one ;)

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What do Kanye West and Chairlift have in common?

Nabil Elderkin is a photographer director and he has a pretty good portfolio.
One of his most recent works includes the lattest video of Kanye West for the song Welcome to heartbreak.
When i first saw this video i was struck by how similar it looks like Chairlift video i presented a few days ago. I don’t know if it is a coincidence or if they copied each other (maybe they got a great deal on the same plugins and programs?) but i have to say this kind of thing in the videos is starting to look old to me…like some kind of old/new idea or like we say in french “fausse bonne idée”…when its done too much in too little time it can quickly become “cliché” and “ringard”. Im afraid this kind of things in videos like these do these kind of things. I have never been a fan of this pixelisation effect, you wonder either if your video is bad quality or not…and it kills your eyes…Anyway this is probably not the first time nor the last time we’ll see this kind of thing in videos…after watching both videos i have to say my favorite one was the Kanye West video we can see there is more work than the Chairlift video…and the song is better …Kanye west has done better than this and i already posted some of his work (even with artists like murakami)…i hope we get something new from him (a bit more original?) soon enough.

credits for this video include:
Editor: Ryan Bartley
Post: Ghost Town Media
Producer: Kathleen Heffernan
Label: Island Def Jam
Production Co: Partizan

KANYE WEST “Welcome To Heartbreak” Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

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Pink smarties

This is a new smarties ad shows the story of a pink smartie searching for love. I suspect it is an amateur work because i couldn’t find any information on this campaign. The stop motion are a bit slow but the illustration is nice.

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