Tips on how to pack all your gadgets for a long trip

I have been travelling with my gadgets for a while and i know it’s been a pain to pack them before leaving. I bet some of you are in the same situation also.
Today i was reading this article about how to pack all of your gadgets when you go away on a trip without loosing your mind.
The main rules according to this article are:

-Put everything into one bag and find a place for every gadget and put everything in place.
I know this may seem simple but some bags are not good for this so it might be good doing some investements on a good bag (be sure your bag is waterproof).
-Think about power and how are you going to plug all those gadgets (even in places where there is no power)
Universal adapters are used nowadays but there is the voltage problem and the power adapters are different.

One good advice i can give on my own is: Travel at all times with that bag. If they loose your luggage at least they won’t loose that.
If you can’t travel with your bag beside you, then seal it with some plastic sealing that is sold in airports, chances are they won’t get stolen, or they will pay you some money if they do. I honestly don’t recomend you sending these things in the bottom of the plane. Usually people who charge and discharge the plane tend to do it quickly so they might break your stuff.

I know these are pretty obvious things im saying but you never know. Well you can go read the article i was talking about in here

via: TUAW

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Escape from city 17 – part 1

This short film is called “Escape from city 17” and it was directed by The Purchase Brothers.
The plot is based on the computer game saga Half Life by Valve Corporation. This short film was made as a project to test several video post production techniques. They decided to divide the film in several parts, so this is the first one.
As you can see they didn’t have a lot of money to create an script or pay a crew… The result is pretty good actually for an initial budget of 500 bucks or so.

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Bogota’s river song (stop motion)

“Rio” (river) is the new song from “Aterciopelados” a great colombian band (they exist since a long time ago and they made some great hits in the 90’s). This new song talks about the Bogota river wich is one of the most polluted rivers in the world.

This video was made by Bastardilla frame by frame (stop motion), she did all the drawings in glass and photographed in different places of the city…i love it :)

Río* from B a s t a r d i l l a on Vimeo.

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