Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2009

If you are wondering what kind of colours you should wear during next fall/winter 2009, Pantone released their fashion colour list for next fall.
Chosen colours are:
PANTONE 19-1759 American Beauty
PANTONE 18-3520 Purple Heart
PANTONE 16-1143 Honey Yellow
PANTONE 18-1306 Iron
PANTONE 13-1006 Crème Brûlee
PANTONE 16-1212 Nomad
PANTONE 17-1544 Burnt Sienna
PANTONE 17-1929 Rapture Rose
PANTONE 15-0646 Warm Olive
PANTONE 19-4125 Majolica Blue

As you can see, purple is still a good choice!

You can get their report just here

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Little Red Riding Hood inspired by Röyksopps

h5 is a really nice visual communication agency in Paris with a good portfolio and some good directors like Ludovic Houplain and Hervé de Crécy.
They won the 2002 MTV Europe Music Award for best music video along with the band Röyksopps and their song “Remind me”

Remind Me from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

Then the same directors made the Areva ad in 2004, wich i can still see on tv from time to time…

and then there was Tomas Nilsson a student who did for a school assigment a reinterpretation of the Little red riding hood that he called “Slagsmålsklubben”. He says openly that he was strongly inspired by the videos i mentioned earlier in this post. I really like the way he did things, design is very clean and you can understand pretty much everything easily. I don’t know wich video i like more…im tempted to say the new one…from Thomas, as we speak He became the number one most subscribed channel in youtube for Sweden on this month with around 300.000 hits in less than one month, .

some other people tried doing things on this kind of design, like this japanese video here that i dont like as much as the previous ones but it can be interesting for you to see…

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