kill bill and forrest gump in one minute each

The University of York Filmmaking Society asked students to remake a blockbuster film in one minute.
Forrest gump and Kill bill were chosen, and Laura Archer and Mark Teece did the art direction.
The result is actually quite funny!
I think a lot of films that lack scenario could be told this way saving you two hours of your life :)
Anyway i hope they do more, i like this!
Im pretty sure it was not that easy to do…its only one take..and people have to be really coordinated!

The seed

The seed its a really nice 2-D/3-D animation made by Johnny Kelly at Nexus Productions. Its all about nature’s life cycle. I really like the art direction, i think its pretty clean.
To make this video stop motion papercraft and 2-D animation was used along with the new Adobe CS4 (wich is a great piece of software compared to the CS3, if you haven’t tried it yet)

The Seed from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

Here’s the making of:

Making of ‘The Seed’ from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

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Yankee Gal

Yankee Gal is a short film about a pilot and his plane, in his last moments…
It was created by Antoine Perez, Céline Desrumaux, Francois Pons and Gary Levesque.
They were still students at the Supinfocom animation school in 2008. They worked for a full year on this film.
I wonder if they were in the same class as the people that made Gary, anyway…we are getting more and more good stuff from this school students.
You can check this short film’s website here and see some artwork.

Yankee Gal from Yankee Team on Vimeo.