Can’t keep up with the Joneses anymore?

This nissan car ad is all about the financial crisis and the new economy…and it’s also different than the rest, its funnier :)

Written by James Adomian
Starring Andy Richter & James Adomian
with Michael Busch
Directed & Edited by Peter Atencio
Produced by Michael Busch & James Adomian
Co-Produced by Megan Reeves & Joe Wagner

Charles Luck’s “Explore” catalog


Some days ago i was at the TDC 54 in Paris and between all the books that were exposed one catched my eye in a particular way. It was the Charles Luck “Explore” catalog.

I went to their website and sent a mail asking how to get one catalog and i got an answer from a very nice lady who sent me a copy from US.

Charles Luck is a company from Luck Stone, they have been selling beaufiful stones of great quality for more than 80 years in US…and they made a beautiful catalog

Today i got the surprise while checking my mailbox, i was not home so i had to go to the post office pick up a package…i had so many things in my mind these days that i completely forgot about this, so while i was in my way to the post office i was wondering what that package could be (i had not bought anything lately).

So i got the package in the post office and i got so happy when i saw they actually sent me a copy.
When i got home i opened it and i realised i got two copies of it, i will probably donate one of the copies to the library in college (i bet it will be useful for most students)

I made some pictures to show you how beautiful it is inside and outside. You will probably not see every detail, like the different kinds of papers used…some things cannot be photographed, they must be touched. What amazed me the most is the simplicity of the layout they used, and still you never get bored because each page is very surprising at the same time. They took care of every little detail… You can see that a company takes care of their communication seriously when you see this kind of things.

Here’s the people who did this great work

Creative director: Cabell Harris (Work Labs)
Art director: Sharon Werner
Designers: Sarah Nelson Forss, Sharon Werner
Illustrators: Sarah Nelson Forss, Sharon Werner
Photographer: Geof Kern
Copywriter: Eric Boyd
Printer: Franklin Press, Inc.
Printing methods: Offset, foil stamp, engraving
Binder: Midwest Editions
Binding method: Case
Papers: French Speckletone, Mohawk 50/10, Mohawk Superfine
Typefaces: Bodoni, Franklin Gothic, Trump Mediaeval
Client: Work Labs

I found this info on this website

I am not showing all of the catalog but you can get a pretty good idea of it. Sorry for the hands in the pictures, i didn’t want to open the book in another way and break it.











Gary is a little boy in love with an older girl, his age being a problem, he tries to find a solution.
This beautifully illustrated short film was directed by Clément Soulmagnon, Yann Benedi, Sébastien Eballard & Quentin Chaillet, they were all students at Supinfocom when they made this film. You can check their website here for some more illustrations and other infos on this film.

Gary from Gary on Vimeo.

via: Arturo goga