The sneeze

Beautiful song, beautiful art direction and yet so dirty…i like! it, its clever! its well done! and its viral in all ways! :)
Its a campaign for the South Australians by the South Australian Department of Health urging them to get flu shots.

ps: youtube allow now bigger screen sizes by default, lets see how it goes here :)

Jamshop, Adelaide
Production Company:
Spirit Films
Ernie Clark ACS
Jim Robinson (Creative Director)
Steve Callen (Copywriter)
Heather McBride (Agency Producer)
Annalise Menzel (Producer)
Other Credits:
Music: Timms Tunes
Post production: Oasis Post

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New skin for the website

I got tired of the old skin, it had some bugs and it was incredibly slow to load…so i worked on a new skin for the website.
Im still tweaking it, so if you see anything weird going on don’t worry, its probably me that touched something…

Some things are gone, some things are comming back soon, i want this skin to be as readable as possible, and clean.
I know im using big type, but according to my stats most of the people have good resolutions on the screen, this is why i started posting big videos and images some time ago.
There is no point on showing everything very small if we have good screens right? phones should be able to visit the website too..actually it works better on my iphone now (without using the iphone version of this site)

I still have few problems with widgets so widgets will be back soon enough. Also…if you have the font ‘Helvetica’ this website is actually using it, if not you’ll have Arial :)

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Forensic art by Shawn Fenney

I just saw today this amazing video made by Shawn Fenney, he basically takes pictures of two different people and he mix up everything and its so well done you could nearly touch the person in the picture. He takes 4 hours to do this.
I love it! enjoy! :)

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Farouche Fantaisie

Faustine Ferrer, a very talented young french artist, created this really nice experimental video mixing stop motion and french poetry.
I like the way the doll ‘Capucine’ moves, i think adding real hair to the puppet was a good choice, it gives the puppet a more interesting look.

Farouche Fantaisie from faustine ferrer on Vimeo.

Faustine has also a beautiful voice and she made some music that you can hear here, here and here. Finally, don’t forget to check out her drawings that you can see here

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