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I know i haven’t been posting that much and i’m sorry!
Im having a hard time finishing the year in college (lots to do!), right now im working night and day to finish what i have to do for my jury, so the blog will be back on june 4 and we’ll have lots of new articles then :)
Maybe i’ll post something before if i get to finish everything quickly. Anyway, wish me luck in my jury so i can pass to the next year ;)

Rubik’s cube font generator

Jas Bhachu a graphic designer from England, has made one of the most clever hacks i’ve seen in a while.
He took a rubik’s cube and added forms to it so you could generate your own typography.
The whole thing was made as a personal project and its all packed in a nice cardboard box that includes the ink, a bible paper notebook (looks like a moleskine to me) and an instructions manual written in several languages.

Rubik's cube font generator 1

Rubik's cube font generator 2

Rubik's cube font generator 3

Rubik's cube font generator 4

you can check the rest of the pictures here (he also did some other cool projects) :)

via: design boom and creative review

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HI – Human Interface

Did you ever have a computer so slow, that you wondered if there was a little person hidden in your computer making everything work by hand?
HI is a multitouch project of a Human Interface where things are done literally by hand. The concept is just awesome, enjoy! :)

music is called ‘wake up’ by lullatone
The concept, design and high tech was done by multitouch barcelona
It was filmed at the

Don’t forget to check some pictures of it here

i wonder how many different things we can make him write…could be interesting to test it :)


The lady noir affair – chapter 1

Dior just released a really cool mini thriller to advertise their new handbags (and other products) named “The lady noir affair”. It was designed by John Galliano and starred by Marrion Cotillard.
I’ve been a fan of Dior products for quite a while and i just could not help myself from posting this on the blog. There will be two more chapters of this, i’ll post them later.
In the meantime you can visit their website here

via: newsluxe

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