Dreaming about Cannes?

Many of you who visit this website, love ads as much as i do and i bet some of you even dream about going to Cannes winning a prize.
If you were born between 27 June 1980 and 21 June 1991 then it’s your lucky day (unless you live in Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Myanmar (Burma) and any other U.S. sanctioned country…or so youtube says in their rules…)
All you need to do to win is to make a viral video that you will put on youtube in less than 48 hours, its that simple
Now the brief will be unveiled on may 15 and you will have to be fast if you want to win…you can use anything you like, videos, animation, etc…whatever you want but it needs to be viral enough and stick to the brief.
You can work alone or in a team, but in that case only one in the team is going to Cannes (too bad!) and you can only send one video.

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and here’s the video to advertise this contest :)

PS: im not yet old so i’ll try to win, wish me luck :)

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