Black Thinking videos

I didn’t know Black thinking before but i really loved the videos they’ve done so i am posting some below :)

Road (Barcelona)
Executive creative director: Emilio Lezaun
Creative director: Xavi Solé
Creative team: Iolanda Mora, Marc Mallafré
Account team: Natàlia Aznar, Ilonka Von Spanyar
Client contact: Valérie Amiguas, David Petit
Production company: boolab
Director: Nico Casavecchia
Executive producers: Lucas Elliot, Coke Ferreiro
Producer: Silvia Romero
Creative supervision: Lucas Elliot
Music and SFX: Andrés Reymondes
Head of composition: Sebastián Baptista
Composition: Santi Justribó
3D and animation: Lactea Studio (Anais Denti, Alvaro Ucha, Alberto Gracia, Hector Muñoz, Marc Felicó

and finally this one directed by Nico Casavecchia that i liked the most :)

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