Project Natal is the Wii killer?

I’ve always loved videogames, i started playing when i was little and i have seen a good part of the evolution of the videogame industry during all these years…and i’m happy to see new things come up and change the way we play videogames.

Microsoft has just released a video to show at the E3 their new system to play on the xbox. Its called Project Natal.
Take a look at the video to understand more :)

It looks pretty good in my opinion but i wonder how good will it work. I have tried the eye toy of sony and i can tell you these things seem to have a problem recognising you in certain backgrounds or with certain clothes and i always had problems with voice recognition because of my accent. I hope they really worked on this. If it really work like on the video this can maybe be the wii killer or a big flop but either way its a great idea not only to play solo but for party games too.

Nintendo did a great job with the wii but the big problem of that console were the games, i know its not the same kind of public than the xbox or the ps3 and the hardware is not as good as an these systems, but i had hopes to see something better than a mario or a zelda or party games in it.

Anyway, I would love to test it to see if it really works!
What do you think about it? leave your comments below ;)

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