Sprite’s new “banned” ad

Sprite bottle
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This is NOT safe for work and not suitable for kids. So if you are working or you are a kid, ignore this article ok?

Sprite released these two virals on the net saying they were “banned” from TV in Germany.
Im pretty sure the campaign was not meant to be on TV and if it ever was it was probably late at night (i can’t really prove it was on TV even once, so maybe it never was) I haven’t been able to find the name of the agency who did this, but i guess we will find out sooner or later…

I don’t like these ads, i think they are very vulgar and don’t give a good image to the brand and i wondered if i should post this or not for a moment but i’m finally posting these ads because this viral has become way too big in these days to ignore it.

Its a fake! and looks like these ads are being removed from the web by coca cola company because they never authorized this
If you see broken links its because of this. more explained below in the video

To watch the ads click the links below:

Version number 1

Version number 2

via: agora box

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