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If you are a webmaster and you learned HTML and then XHTML/CSS you will be happy to know that HTML 5 is a lot different than what you had before and that you will have to learn again how to use it.
For now Safari 4 and Firefox 3.5 have support for HTML 5, im not sure for the other browsers.
I made a little compilation of links and tutorials that will help you update yourself.

First of all: The W3C draft
you will find anything you need here but if you don’t feel like reading a lot you might want to read the articles below.

Here’s an article about the differences on HTML 4 and HTML 5

The power of HTML 5 and CSS 3
Really nice article that will show you the differences between the old and the new.

Here’s another good tutorial on HTML 5 from the guys on net.tutsplus

A list appart also made a nice preview of HTML 5

Designers meet your best new friend: @font-face and read the article below :)
The potential of Web-Typography

While you are at it you might want to read the typekit blog and subscribe here

The blog ‘i love typography’ wrote a nice article on webfonts you might want to read it too

This is spooky it did find me!…check out the geolocation on firefox 3.5

Here’s a good article from smashing magazine

Hopefuly we will still have XHTML/CSS for a while so you still have time to used to HTML 5

If you want to share some other good links you may have found on this topic post them below, i’ll update this post and give you credit ;)

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