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If you are a webmaster and you learned HTML and then XHTML/CSS you will be happy to know that HTML 5 is a lot different than what you had before and that you will have to learn again how to use it.
For now Safari 4 and Firefox 3.5 have support for HTML 5, im not sure for the other browsers.
I made a little compilation of links and tutorials that will help you update yourself.

First of all: The W3C draft
you will find anything you need here but if you don’t feel like reading a lot you might want to read the articles below.

Here’s an article about the differences on HTML 4 and HTML 5

The power of HTML 5 and CSS 3
Really nice article that will show you the differences between the old and the new.

Here’s another good tutorial on HTML 5 from the guys on net.tutsplus

A list appart also made a nice preview of HTML 5

Designers meet your best new friend: @font-face and read the article below :)
The potential of Web-Typography

While you are at it you might want to read the typekit blog and subscribe here

The blog ‘i love typography’ wrote a nice article on webfonts you might want to read it too

This is spooky it did find me!…check out the geolocation on firefox 3.5

Here’s a good article from smashing magazine

Hopefuly we will still have XHTML/CSS for a while so you still have time to used to HTML 5

If you want to share some other good links you may have found on this topic post them below, i’ll update this post and give you credit ;)

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Banksy vs Bristol Museum

Banksy is one of the most important and controversial contemporary artists of these years.
If you happen to be in Bristol this summer or somewhere near.
You should definitely go see Banksy at the Bristol city museum.
The expo is fro 13th June – 31st August 2009.

More info here and here

via: Lovny

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