My picks for the blog day 2009


Today bloggers around the world celebrate the BlogDay.
I decided to join the celebration also with my blog for the first time.

Bloggers around the world thought they should pick one day in the year to celebrate blogging, meet other bloggers around the world and recomend other great blogs to everyone.

I really had a hard time choosing the blogs because i usually read spanish, french and english blogs. But this blog is in english… so it’s complicated.
Bloggers are supposed to choose only 5 blogs but i am doing this a bit different.
If i had to choose only 5 there would be some in other language than english and it would not be fair for those who only read english right? So i am choosing 5 blogs in english, 5 in spanish and 5 in french because i know i have quite a lot of people who understand spanish and french that visit the blog.

Happy blogging day everyone! :D

Here it is my top five in english.

This blog is all about drawing, sketching, animation and other beautiful things :)
You can visit it here

Creative side


If you visit this website often and you are probably interested by all the creative things in the world, you should check this blog.
You can visit it here



This blog has a lot of useful links and information for designers, like tutorials and other good stuff
You can visit it here

One of A Kind brands (OAK)


Do you like advertising and you are interested in Branding? this blog is all about it :)
You can visit it here

Smashing Magazine


I know this blog is very famous but i like it a lot so if you don’t know it you should!
There are a lot of interesing articles to read!
You can visit it here

French blog picks



Korben is a french blogger, he usually writes about technology, hacking and other geeky goodness :)
visit his website here



Flepi’s website has all kind of videos, animations or funny things :)
visit his website here

Style and the city


Kamel started this blog back in 2007 in France, he shows fashion as it is on the streets. He don’t use models, it’s all real people in the streets in places like Paris or New york.
Some magazines even started copying his style. Visit his website here

Beware blog screen capture 2009-7-0-20-27-6

Beware blog is a website maintained by several bloggers. It talk about music, graphic design, art, fashion and other things. You can visit this website here

Fubiz screen capture 2009-7-0-21-42-45

Fubiz is an really nice inspiration website where other bloggers can submit articles. You can visit this website here

Spanish blogs

Arturo Goga


Arturo Goga, is a blogger from Peru, his blog is about technology, webdesign and many other useful things.
You can visit the website here

Pixel y Dixel


Pixel y Dixeles is a weblog about the digital world, Internet, technology, music, video, photography, advertising, cinema and other things. You can visit it here



Hector, an spanish engineer who lives in japan, writes from tokyo to show everyone interesting facts about the japanese culture with an occidental point of view. You can visit it here

Manzana Mecanica screen capture 2009-7-0-23-45-25

ManzanaMecánica is a collaborative blog from Chile, it’s about different things like, society, technology, free culture and other things. You can visit it here

ALT1040 screen capture 2009-7-0-23-53-23

ALT1040 is a blog with several different authors, it is part of a blog network called Hipertextual with different blogs about different topics. This one is all about the geek culture and gadgets. You can see it here

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  1. Hey, muchas gracias por considerarme entre tus picks! Y felicidades con el blog, que se ha vuelto todo un referente para mi sobre todo lo referente a animacion / cortos :)

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