Peugeot BB1 new concept car

Peugeot made a new concept car a bit different to what we have seen before
It’s a bit like a Smart but with 4 seats and only 2.5 metters long.
The best of all is that it’s supposed to be 100% electric.

I think it’s a good thing and i hope they make more cars like this.
Anyway they made a website and a nice video!

Unfortunately it’s not yet on sale (just a concept), but if you are interested you can see it if you live in francfort, berlin, london, madrid, roma or paris…

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4 Replies to “Peugeot BB1 new concept car”

  1. Well in europe we try to have small cars instead of big ones (that's the main difference between american cars and european ones)
    There is little room to park your car in big cities…the smart was a very succesful model and now other car companies try to copy it.

    As for the link, yes of course you can link my website thanks for your comments, i try to keep it simple and updated :)

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