Webdeux.connect 09

Saturday 10 october, there will be a networking event in Paris called Webdeux.Connect 2009.
There will be journalists, many bloggers from France, and other interesting people.
I was kindly invited and i think it’s a great oportunity for me to meet other people who blog and maybe find other interesting websites i didn’t know about. Who knows i might even bring some interesting content for the website :)
So, if you want to come over and join us, you can still hurry up and get lower price entrance tickets here

Just in case you wonder, Widgetbooster (the ones inviting me) are a network that helps websites link other websites on their favorite topic and get more visitors.
They have different categories so you can choose the one that fits best your website, put a widget on your website or blog and let it do the job.

I’ve been using it for a little while and i can say i’ve been having a bit more people in the blog recently…and it’s not only for french websites.
When it started there were little categories but it’s been growing up and now there is one category related to Art.

So yes, this post was a bit sponsorised because of the invitation i got, but to get myself forgiven there will be two extra posts tonight about other nice things you all like.
Have a nice day people! ;)

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