Birds on a wire

Captura de pantalla 2009-09-30 a las 01.39.52

Jarbas Agnelli was reading his newspaper, when he suddenly saw a picture of some birds in some electric wires in Rio Grande do Sul.
He was curious to know how would they ‘sound’ if he translated the picture into music. So he cut out the picture and played the song. Then googled the photographer’s name “Paulo Pinto”, showed him the song and got interviewed for that very same newspaper.
In the interview he says: “I did not believe that Paulo Pinto had understood what I saw at the time I took the photograph. For me, the birds also seemed to note,” Then Jarbas received the original, uncut version over the e-mail and said: “When I saw the edited version in the newspaper had removed eight birds, or four notes at the beginning and four at the end of music. I was surprised because it was exactly what was needed to finish the tune.”
Anyway i think the song they made is nice :)

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