Al Balad stop motion ads

Great power comes in little package, or so it seems in these two stop motion animation videos.
They were made to advertise a lebanese journal “Al Balad”

Eurostar 15 years

I travel a lot in the metro, and i usually like watching the ads while i travel in Paris.
I’m usually dissapointed because most of them are not very interesting, but today there was a something good!
Eurostar usually have great ads that make me smile, the kind of ads that don’t take more than 2 seconds to understand and you don’t need to say anything…and i really like that, it kinda makes me jealous and want to do things like that. Some would say it’s a terrible art direction but at least we get the message fast and it works.

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Juan Cabral (from the agency Fallon London) is the brain behind the new campaign by Sony.
For those who don’t know he’s the same guy behind the gorilla drummer ad from Cadbury or the Sony bouncing balls ad in San Francisco.
This new campaign is called “Soundville”. The idea is simple, take a small town in the middle of nowhere, where nothing ever happens, put speakers everywhere and music/sounds all the time during days and days.
Artists like Bob Dylan, Toumani Diabate, Roberto Goyeneche, Murcof, Federico Cabral, Guillemots and more…would create the soundtrack.
The rest is in the video :)

via: tvspotblog

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