The Wardrove – Canal +

Canal + is a pay per view channel, they usually have the best tv series, and a lot of good stuff, it’s a bit like the HBO from France. They usually have great ads, and this time i don’t think it’s an exception.
The new spot is called the Wardrove (Le placard, in french) and it’s the story of a Canal + scenarist.
This ad is a bit like a cocktail of action and humor. Enjoy :)

Agency Supervisors :Raphaël de Andréis
Alexandre George
François Brogi
Clémence Körber
Creative Director :Stéphane Xiberras
Art Director :Eric Astorgue, Julien Schmitt
Copywriter :Jean-Christophe Royer
TV Producer:Isabelle Ménard
Photography Director: Joost van gelder
Editor: Jono GRIFFITH
Director: Matthijs VAN HEIJNINGEN
Production Company:SOIXANTE QUINZE
Sound:KOUZ Production
Post-production:MIKROS Image

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