More killer CS5 features


Some days ago i made a blog post about the new features in the next photoshop.
Today, i’m adding a new video about some other new features that could be included in the CS5.

So in this video they show us how we could use photoshop to virtually paint. I know it was absolutely possible to paint in your computer like this before, but photoshop was not the best tool for it.
Actually one of the best programs i’ve ever tested for painting was Corel painter with my Wacom tablet, so these features in photoshop look a bit like the things in corel painter. I would have to test this to see how it works when i get a chance, but it looks really good :)

Also, if you are more into Illustrator and dreamweaver, you may want to take a look at this other video below, to see how integration between illustrator and dreamweaver work :)

Finally we have some more info about Flash, but before i forget, Adobe said few days ago that the new Flash CS5 will work on the iphone. More news on that here

I’ll keep adding more information about the CS5 in the future to the blog. You all seem to like it a lot :)

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