Musicvision Phoenix

Phoenix (the french band) just released a 70 minutes film, to show everyone the 20 songs.
The idea is simple, and i like the way they show and comment the music in the video.
I’m adding the playlist and the credits below. Enjoy :)

Credits: Thomas Mars, Deck d’Arcy, Laurent Brancowitz, Christian Mazzalai, directed by Guillaume Delaperriere.

01-Blue monday people / Curtis Mayfield
02-Can’t let go / Evie Sands
03-Sell your love / Iggy pop & James Williamson
04-Flash forward / Serge Gainsbourg
05-I’m glad you’re mine / Al Green
06-Don’t turn the light on, leave me alone / CAN
07-Mesopotamia / The B-52’s
08-Ruby don’t take your love to town / Kenny Rogers
09-Slow night, slow long / Kings of Leon
10-Leur plaisir sans moi / Jane Birkin
11-In and out of the shadows / Dion
12-Victory garden / The Red Krayola
13-Escape from New-York main title / John Carpenter
14-We almost lost Detroit / Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson
15-Darlin’ / The Beach Boys
16-Peace like a river / Paul Simon
17-A song for you / Gram Parsons
18-The fairest of the seasons / Nico
19-Who was that masked man / Van Morrison
20-La smortina / Coro della SAT
21-City lights / Phoenix
via: Shibo

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