Mixblog 3 at the Eiffel Tower

I know this is going to sound like a sponsorized blog post but it’s not!

Last friday i was invited to the Mixblog 3 at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
A party for bloggers in such a glamorous place with a lovely view of beautiful city. I just couldn’t say no :)

I met a lot of people, and saw again lot of people i knew already from some other bloggers parties where i usually advertise this blog, and it was fun! Too bad i didn’t see some people i wanted to see and that i knew they were comming, maybe next time.
Food was pretty good actually, too bad there wasn’t any champagne to go with the foie gras (only soft drinks).
There was a conference about internet security for bloggers but no one really listened to it.

When you keep a blog and read other blogs, sometimes it’s nice to see other bloggers in real life.
Some of the bloggers i saw were: Korben, Ravana, Geoffrey Dorne, Lost in brittany, Fils de pub, Awdio, Papier crayon, Stagueve, Jfruiz, Lightnin, Beeware blog, Whitezine, Paris pixels, fairesadeco blog, Monsieur Dream and i’m sure i’m forgetting some more.

I had a chance to test the surface table from microsoft there, it was fun, but look like a damm expensive gadget, you don’t want to spill your coffee there!

At the end of the night each of us got a big bag full of loot from all the sponsors.

So yes i hope i can come back next year to the Mixblog 4, a big thank you to the guys who made it happen :)

As for the party and the eiffel tower i made some pictures for your viewing pleasure :)












The party was sponsorized by BNP Paribas, Youkado, Ebay, Microsoft, Bitdefender, monfidelami.

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