Domino’s Pizza pack contest.

Tribeca France and Domino’s Pizza contacted me to advertise this new packaging contest in France.
It’s named “la faim dans le sac” (Hunger in a bag).

Concours sandwichos

You might be wondering what this is about and how you can win the 500 euro check.
Domino’s is releasing a new product called “Sandwicho’s” and they need new bags for their sandwiches.
Their slogan is “c’est chaud, c’est beau c’est Sandwicho’s” (It’s hot, it’s beautiful, it’s Sandwicho’s).

So if you know how to use something like Illustrator or Inkscape, and have notions of design you can create a JPG format of your file (not bigger than 2mb), before december 6th 2009 and see if you win.
They will choose three designs and make people vote on the net. The winner gets the check.

If you are interested you can go here (unfortunately for some the website is only in french)

PS: no i didn’t get paid to post this article, i just thought this might interest some people. ;)

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