Urban Abstract

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Beautiful animation about urban spaces, from Jopsu Ramu and Shun Kawakami (artless Inc) made for TV Nelonen in Finland. I really like the music that was chosen. Don’t forget to check out their website here, it’s actually pretty nice.

Creative Director Jopsu Ramu MUSUTA
Art Director Jopsu Ramu MUSUTA, Shun Kawakami artless Inc.
Design&Storyboard Jopsu Ramu MUSUTA
Opening scene artwork Shun Kawakami artless Inc.
Calligraphy Gen Miyamura
Sound Chikao Maruyama
Producer Timo Huhtala MUSUTA
Director Mitsutomo Maeda & Masaru Ikeda EDP graphic works
Animation&Production EDP graphic works
Project management Tokyo Masaji Kinoshita / shirofuchi Inc.
Executive Producer MUSUTA Ltd.
Special thanks Taisuke Koyama, Brian Kaszonyi
Created by MUSUTA Ltd. – Jopsu Ramu & Timo Huhtala

Did you like this animation? :)

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