Copenhagen 2009 world leaders Greenpeace & Tck Tck Tck ad

Seems like ecology related ads are totally “in vogue” this week because of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. So Greenpeace and Tck Tck Tck have released a really nice campaign. Really simple to understand and i don’t really need to explain a lot.


In my opinion the idea is good, but it’s too bad the same copywritting appears in each visual and do we really need so many visuals?…What do you think?

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Marc Coleran’s futuristic interface design

Mr & Mrs Smith, Blade II, , Mission Impossible 3, James Bond, Bourne trilogy, Tomb Rider or The Island. They all have in common one thing: Marc Coleran’s interface design.
It might not be the first thing you remember about those films but without their interface design they would not be the same.

Marc creates the main images he needs for the films without having to worry about ‘making it work for real’. I have to say they are really well done because they are pretty credible. So who know’s maybe his work will inspire some real life software interface.
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