New server! Faster website!

Some time ago i started having little problems with the old database on this website.
It was quite slow, it crashed often and was not allowing many people to get in at the same time.
This website got bigger since the start and i decided to upgrade it and get a new server.
So i spent a couple of hours transfering all the database and files…and doing few changes here and there…
You may not see all the changes but you may notice that the website runs a lot faster than before.
I hope you enjoy it :)

6 Replies to “New server! Faster website!”

  1. You still have a grade D with Yslow. You really need to improve your Apache server from the start.
    Add expires headers.
    Make fewer HTTP requests
    Reduce DNS lookup
    Minify the javascript and the CSS

    Very easy to do if you have a full access to your server.


  2. I haven't finished doing all the modifications yet :)
    but as for the database is way a lot faster and don't crash like before, i'm testing it for a while to see if i need to add more RAM.

  3. Apache servers are sooo yesterday, you should give a try to NGINX insteed.
    Nginx with Xcache is way faster than Apache and Eaccelerator.
    Nginx have a smaller footprint than Apache.
    You just have to learn how to use fast CGI to run PHP on it.

    1. unfortunately i still have to stick with apache it's not the files that have the new server, it's the database (wich was slow as a slug!)
      i still have a contract with my hosting company for the next few years and unless they change it i don't see how i would do to modify those things :)
      If the website gets even bigger i might consider moving on to a bigger server where i will be able to choose all these things on my own, but for the moment the files are still on the same server as other websites, but the database has a server on its own, and it runs a lot better than before :)

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