Top 10 articles and stats of 2009

One more year is over and with the new year we get the stats of the past year.

The website grew up a lot in the last year, actually it is four or five times bigger than last year… this is also why i’ve been doing some modifications to get a better database that works faster and can handle more people.
Some interesting facts i found out were:
– Firefox wins the browser battle with 51 % Internet explorer 24,85 % Safari 14,68% Chrome 5,43% Opera 1,70%
– Most people came from: Google, Twitter, Networked blogs, and Facebook and other blogs.

– The people who visit the blog speak mainly three languages… first english, second french, and then spanish… Actually the first country with the most visitors here is France, then we have US, UK, Spain, Canada and Brazil (out of 117 countries).

This leave me with a question, should i do a french version of this website? the french visitors are actually a lot (they are nearly as much as the english visitors)…and some agencies even asked me to publish contests for french people around. So, i’m kind of giving it a thought.

Anyway i decided to make a list of the most visited articles from last year on this blog and share them with you all.

10 – Cartoon network’s new visual identity

Cartoon network rebranded few months ago, and i really like what they did
Check the article here

9 – Balloon dogs by durex

This was a quite funny ad that worked really well :)
Click here to see

8 – More killer CS5 features:

This is the second part of an article about the CS5 that should be comming out in the next months, and it looks amazing i can’t wait to test it!
take a look at the videos here

7 – Viral Film Festival 2009 winners

Early december i was invited by Vanksen to the viral film festival and i went there, had some fun, free sushi, free drinks, and watched lots of great virals.
check the article here

6 – Signs and the schweppes short film festival

This short film actually won at Cannes 2009 and it’s really really well done i love the way it was shot and the actors are really good and the music is just very well chosen…It was directed by Patrick Hughes for Publicis Mojo. If you haven’t seen it you can here

5 – Pantone’s spring 2009 fashion color report

Pantone releases their report every season and it’s quite useful for those working in graphic design, fashion and other things related to colours.
Check tout here here

4 – The Voca People

These people singing are just amazing, what they can i achieve only with their voices….woauh!
A must see!

3 – Takashi Murakami Paris Expo

Takashi Murakami is one of the most important contemporary artists at the moment and in september/october 2009 there was an expo of Takashi Murakami in Paris. Unfortunately now it is over, but i went there and i could see his artwork it was really good but it was quite small :)
I hope next time the expo will be bigger! the article is still here

2 – Film Lion Winners Cannes 2009

This is a selection of some of the best films that won at Cannes 2009, they are all pretty good. Check them out here

1 – New Photoshop CS5 features

Photoshop is an amazing program and everyone want to see what it will be like on the next version. This was the first article i wrote about the CS5 (the second one is on this list also).
I will keep adding more information about the CS5 on the blog when i get more.
So click here if you want to see what the new version of photoshop will be like and their new tools.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, i’ll probably do a similar post next year :)

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