New server! Faster website!

Some time ago i started having little problems with the old database on this website.
It was quite slow, it crashed often and was not allowing many people to get in at the same time.
This website got bigger since the start and i decided to upgrade it and get a new server.
So i spent a couple of hours transfering all the database and files…and doing few changes here and there…
You may not see all the changes but you may notice that the website runs a lot faster than before.
I hope you enjoy it :)

Alma short animated movie

Rodrigo Blaas and his team created this beautiful short film about a little boy and a very strange toy store.
This film was a winner at Animazing, Animacor, Boca del lobo, LA short fest. Also got a special mention at Fantastic Fest and Siggraph 2009
There is more information about this short film here

Via: Sebastien from facebook